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Our centre has been established in the emirate of Dubai in the  
United Arab Emirates and the concept of foundation has been  
created out of the personal vision of Dr.Ibrahim Hassan Al Mulla,  
being the general manager and founder of the centre, and as a  
result of the due guidance and recommendations of a group of  
specialized professors and experts from different fields.
Emirates International Law Center
Medicine and Law Conference
Sunday, April 16, 2006
Medicine and Law Conference
under sponseship of the ministry of health -UAE

Maritime Arbitration Conference
Saturday, April 05, 2008
In view of its intention to cope with the current events in the field of commerce and investment, arbitration has become a widespread and preferred method of resolving disputes in many industries such as the maritime, securities and the construction industries. As arbitration is less formal than court proceedings, therefore, it is supposed to be speedy and more cost-effective procedure.

Agreement With AUE
Monday, February 11, 2013
AUE in a huge gathering of eminent people signed an affiliation agreement with an extremely prominent law training center - Emirates International Law Training Centre having its presence not only in the UAE but also in the region. The ceremony witnessed by a number of faculty and staff members along with the President, Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor and other AUE leaders.

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Emirates International Law Center signed lately a cooperation Protocol with Al-Jazeerah Arbitration Center in Sudan, where this protocol came to be a result of the good relations between the two parties. By signing this protocol both parties intend to hold law & arbitration-related events in UAE and the Republic of Sudan. Through such cooperation the two parties seek to attract the interested audience to these events, in the purpose of legal awareness spread as a commitment towards the social responsibility duties, also to present the latest research results in law & arbitration fields.
Enhancing The Tools of Success
In view of the current situation of the region and the emirate of Dubai in  
particular, it is expected that Emirates International Law Centre will play  
a vital and positive role in the spreading of law knowledge in the region  
and enhancing the tools of success as required for any civil community.
Emirates International Law Center